How to play ?

Various resources can be collected to aid you in your adventures. Trees, rocks, and animals all provide different resources.

The number of resources you have collected is displayed
at the bottom right.

Gold can also be spent in shop for equipment and counts as your score, so collect as much as you can!

Your inventory is at the bottom of the screen

Press an item to pick it up. You must gather resources to use the items in your inventory.

Above the inventory is the age bar, which fills up as you kill enemies and collect resources to unlock new items.

A helpful pet can be obtained by taming a baby animal.
Approach it while it is sleeping and press the paw button to tame it.

If you're lucky, it will become your pet. Each animal has a different chance of being tamed, which can be improved by using a slingshot or an appletor.

Pets and wild animals have 3 possible levels. Defeat enemies to level up your pet making it bigger, stronger, and faster.

Your pets can be named and given specific commands by using several buttons in the top left corner

Defend Attack Stop Move Skill

RMB to move a pet, holding


to move all.



to instantly cast all spells

You can change this commands in the Settings Box

Each animal is assigned a magical type

Types interact with each other, some animals may be stronger against one type but also weak against another type.

For example,


wins over


, but loses to


In the top right corner, you may find a button opening the shop, selling hats and wings that provide useful effects.

Equipment can be bought with gold , does not disappear on death, and lasts until the game is closed or the server is changed.

Golden Apples are the currency of, used to unlock cosmetics, pet cards, purchase alchemy flasks, and many other important uses.

Golden Apples can be found in chests around the world or claimed daily. There are also other ways to earn them, such as daily challenges, achievements, weekly clan competitions, or by purchasing Golden Apples directly.

A special VIP status which can be bought for a month, 3 months, or a year, bringing multiple exclusive benefits to your account while active.

In the main menu, click the pet selection button to open a Tamodex window.

The Tamodex allows to choose pets that will spawn with you, as well listing your pet cards, displaying detailed information on pets, and allowing to select cosmetics for your pets.

Collecting 50 cards of a specific pet unlocks it, while 100 and 150 allowing spawning with 2 and 3 of a same pet respectively.

Pets you own are able to level up, receiving a few points that can be spent on upgrading them inside the Tamodex.
A pet of level 60 can be overbred, resetting it back to level 0 with bonus upgrade points.

Badges represent your ranking in the game.
Collect as much gold as you can while playing to increase your score.

Only your top 10 scores count towards the badge. To improve it, you must beat your previous top 10 scores.

Saved scores expire after 21 days. A VIP status extends it to 31 days, keep playing often to maintain your badge.

Better badges provide better rewards such as more daily golden apples and increased pet slots.

Adventure can be accessed from your profile by pressing a house icon.

Each page of adventure contains 5 gifts, collect stars by claiming dailies and completing challenges to unlock rewards.

A VIP status unlocks more challenges, allowing to complete your adventures faster.

Alchemy can be accessed from your profile by pressing a cauldron icon.

Using various ingredients, you can brew many potions with unique helpful effects, use a bug net in the game to catch insects, giving ingredients to brew potions.

Not all potions are that simple, the more stars it has in description the bigger is the chance to fail brewing, use ointment to improve your chances.

Friends can be accessed from your profile by clicking a green head icon

Friend requests can be sent to and received from other player accounts. Friends will be able to see where and when they are playing. If sharing such information is not desired, a private mode can be enabled hiding the details.